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S-1/carboplatin (CBDCA) was not inferior to CBDCA/pacli-taxel as a first‑line treatment in terms of overall survival (OS) time in patients with advanced NSCLC (3). In the updated survival time data based on NSCLC histology, SCC patients in the S-1/CBDCA group had a longer median OS time than those in the CBDCA/paclitaxel group4). According to Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Prognostic impact of cancer cachexia in patients with advanced DTX, CBDCA+S-1, nedaplatin+DTX, or CBDCA+GEM) in 87 patients, and molecular targeted treatment (gefitinib or elrotinib) in 29 patients. Compared with male patients, a higher proportion of female patients had adenocarcinoma histology and epidermal growth f

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A prospective phase II trial of carboplatin (CBDCA) and Most preferred regimen were S-1 (n = 12, 50%), followed by vinorelbine (n = 4, 16.7%) and docetaxel (n = 3, 12.5%). Conclusions This is the first prospective phase II trial of weekly nabPTX in combination with CBDCA in advanced NSCLC patients with ILD.

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All patients had advanced non-small cell lung cancer (Stage IIIB / IV) harboring activating mutations. A total of 35 patients received carboplatin on day 1 plus oral S-1 on days 1–14 and gefitinib daily. Updated results and subgroup analysis according to EGFR mutations are presented. A Comparative Study of the Cytotoxicity and DMA-damaging Effects these lesions occur 6 to 12 h later in CBDCA treated cells. Cytotoxicity studies reveal that CBDCA is 45 times less potent than DDP to L1210 cells when compared on a molar basis. The decreased Cytotoxicity of CBDCA and the 12 h delay in peak cross-linking when compared to DDP is interpreted as a de creased reactivity of the intact CBDCA towards Conformational flexibility within the chelate rings of The exchange rate and the activation free energy (ΔG ‡) at 317 K were determined to be ca. 415 s-1 and 62 kJ mol-1, respectively. The CBDCA ligand appears to have a direct effect on the dynamics of the en ring. Conformational flexibility of the CBDCA ring is also discussed. Such dynamic processes within chelated platinum complexes could play

A Nationwide, Multicenter Registry Study of Antiemesis for Carboplatin-Based Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Japan HIROTOSHI IIHARA, a,b MOTOTSUGU SHIMOKAWA,c TOSHINOBU HAYASHI,d HITOSHI KAWAZOE,e TOSHIAKI SAEKI,f KEISUKE AIBA,g KAZUO TAMURA

The physical function after IPHC became worse compared to that before the IPHC. Fatigue during chemotherapy (CBDCA+S-1) was more pronounced than that during the IPHC. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea during the IPHC were prevalent than those of chemotherapy